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re you dreaming of homeownership but find the financial barrier of a down payment daunting? Fannie Mae's Home Ready® program is here to turn your dreams into reality with a new down payment assistance initiative. Understanding that the upfront costs can be a significant hurdle, Fannie Mae is now offering a substantial $2,500 credit to help very low-income borrowers.

Who Is Eligible for the Assistance?

This initiative is designed to make the home-buying process more accessible and affordable for first-time or repeat buyers with limited income. To qualify for the $2,500 credit, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • The full $2,500 will be given upfront to be used toward the down payment or any items that must be prepaid at closing, such as homeowners’ insurance or government taxes (if applicable).”
  • Their income should not exceed 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for the location of the property they wish to purchase.

The Home Ready® program ensures that the credit is applied directly to the borrower's expenses, reducing the amount they need to bring to the closing table.

How to Get Started

If your interested in your eligibility for the Home Ready® program and the new down payment assistance credit, give us a call!

For over 26 years CapCenter has been streamlining the homebuying, selling, and financing experience, for our clients and our ZERO Closing Cost loans make us a great resource for those seeking to maximize benefits under programs like HomeReady®.

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