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We save you time and money financing your home plus a little more when you use our realty team.

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How we save you money


You share in a portion of
the commission from your
purchase or sale.

Zero closing costs

You don’t pay closing costs
typically charged by other
lenders. We do.

Competitive rates

Competitive interest rates
give you savings throughout
the life of your loan.

We don’t shortchange
on service

We offer savings, but we don’t scrimp on service to get there. At CapCenter, we employ a salaried, professional team that includes a real estate agent and loan consultant.

I would use any business that CapCenter runs.”

- Jonathan B.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!”

– Diane S.

Working with CapCenter was simple, quick, and painless!”

- Philip D.
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Common Questions

  • Does CapCenter build closing costs into a higher rate or origination fee? What’s the catch?

    No, we simply waive or pay the closing costs on your behalf. We encourage you to prove this to yourself by comparing our rates against other responsible competitors. We find that we win on the rate even while covering closing costs. You can also look at a market survey available on, but be sure you thoroughly understand the rates that are presented. Specifically, in the Freddie Mac survey, these rates reflect various levels of discount points. Feel free to consult with us if you are comparing multiple offers.

  • Do you offer Veterans Affairs loans?

    Yes, CapCenter offers Veterans Affairs loans. Please enter your quote information on this page, then click the Apply Now button. On the next page, in the Loan Type drop down box, select one of the VA options to get a quote for a Veterans Affairs loan.

  • Do you offer FHA loans?

    Yes, CapCenter offers FHA loans. Please enter your quote information on this page, then click the Apply Now button. Our website will determine if an FHA loan is your best option based on your quote information, and if so, the website will provide an FHA quote. If not, then the website will provide a quote for a conventional loan. Please remember that even though the interest rate might be lower for an FHA loan, the total loan costs might be higher. Please call or chat with us to learn more.

  • I started an application; how do I complete it?

    To access a previously started application, click on the menu icon. Then, under the Resources heading, click on Application Login. If you have forgotten your password, simply use the "Forgot Password" link.

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